Our Philosophy

The high cost associated with conventional genetic testing precludes its use in many settings. Novel high-throughput sequencing technologies have the potential to drastically lower this cost, meaning that, for the first time, we can provide medical practitioners with all of the information needed to prescribe the best possible treatment.

However, the data generated using high-throughput sequencing platforms is error-prone and highly complex, and cannot be analysed using traditional methods. That’s where Hyrax Biosciences comes in.

Hyrax Biosciences operates in the cloud, turning raw DNA sequences into clinician-readable reports. Our unique technology doesn’t waste a single relevant DNA sequence, providing unrivaled mutation-calling accuracy for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


At Hyrax Biosciences, we believe that precision medicine can, and should, be affordable for everyone. Our primary focus is on resource-limited settings, where the burden of infectious disease is high and the ability to provide clinicians with all of the relevant information is critical for successful treatment.

South Africa is the country with the highest burden of HIV infection in the world. As a South African company, we are proud that the first patented application of our product, Exatype, enables low-cost HIV drug resistance testing. This provides clinicians with the power to prescribe optimal antiretroviral treatment regimens for HIV positive individuals.